Our mission

Milltown Publishing is an independent publishing company that provides opportunities for Christian authors living and ministering in the mid-Atlantic region (Maryland, Delaware, lower Pennsylvania, northern Virginia, and Washington DC) to get their message into the hands and hearts of others.

We represent a growing group of independent publishing companies that operate as hybrids between self-publishing and traditional publishing houses.

Who we publish

Milltown publishes Christian authors who live and minister (volunteer or paid) in the mid-Atlantic region, and who have a compelling message to share. Once published, Milltown authors become part of a writing cohort that is connected through our common Christian faith, our passionate desires (i.e. the three subject areas below), and our dream to publish high quality, affordable, beneficial, and compelling works.

What we publish


We publish works in the following three subject areas:

  1. Encouraging Christians in their faith (Christian spiritual formation),
  2. Equipping Christian ministry practitioners (volunteer or paid) for the work God called them to (Christian leadership development), and
  3. Engaging the lost with the Good News of Jesus (Evangelistic Gospel witness).


We publish works that share our core Christian convictions. This means that the author neither believes nor teaches (in the published manuscript or otherwise) anything that contradicts with the orthodox doctrinal convictions central to the Christian faith. These doctrinal convictions are summarized as:

  1. Authority of Scripture. The Bible is God’s special revelation to mankind.
  2. The ecumenical creeds (specifically, the Nicene and Athanasian Creeds) express what the Bible teaches about the Trinity and Jesus Christ.
  3. Salvation is by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone (Ephesians 2:8-10). Christ calls those whom He saves to live a holy life and to serve Him in the world and in the church.